It's Friday already, wow this week has flown in for me and I have been taking it a lot easier as I haven't been feeling to well. Must be that old Irish health problem of being sick all week and feeling better at the weekend for some unusual reason. Before anybody jumps to a conclusion or stereotype, think again I don't drink!
Today I will spend the day trying to figure out if its possible to implement SofSo Networks websites into this site our brand new flagship social networking site. So as well as posting Youtube videos we want to add our videos as well. Then we want to add our audio tracks just like we have for SoundCloud. It might take awhile to implement but it is a big important goal for us.
Mike Gill: was just relaunched last year, you can showcase your musical skills with the world. I go by Unofficiallymike on their btw. You can see my skills aren't really musical although. I mainly add my own musical creations just to test the site out from time to time.
Just finished the first part of my certified ethical hacker course. Software development or cyber security what route should I choose?
Testing a new app I bought for images on my new windows 10 phone. My last phones were all windows phones, windows 7, 7.5, 8, 8.1 and now 10. Like with their PC OS I guess 7 ate 9 also. I always liked that little joke.
Getting prepared for Day 3 of the Microsoft #Build2016 conference. Some more exciting stuff Microsoft has planned and I am just wondering how we at SofSo Networks can implement some of it into our network of websites.
All geared up for day 2 of watching Microsoft's #Build2016 on their channel 9 site. Also now into day 2 of building and testing Some more tweaks here or there surely can't go a miss I feel. Browsing through error logs isn't fun but sometimes someone has got to do it. When did I draw the short straw though?
Also watching #Build2016 whilst trying to develop and test this new site from SofSo Networks. A big shout out to Microsoft and their Irish team for all the help and skills they have given and taught me over the past few years also. Trust me if your a student check out their website and if you want to learn new skills check out their Microsoft Virtual Academy site (
How do I post the first post on and yet welcome you to this site and my personal profile. I know I will include a link to a great welcome song I found on youtube!